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Plumbing Funnies

Everyone needs to laugh sometimes! 
Featured below are some of the comics that we’ve found over the years – those that poke fun at plumbers!
We hope you enjoy!

Did You Know?

Mishka Plumbing was featured on the DIY Network’s show “Man Caves”!

In Season 5, Episode 11, Shaun Selha and his wife Zee are days away from their first child and were years away from seeing their house become the place of their dreams. When they moved into the house one bathroom was blue, one was purple, and the other was pink- and the pink one was Shaun’s. Man Caves chose Mishka Plumbing and Heat Contracting Inc. to take on a new project and turn Shaun’s bathroom into the only place in the house where he can truly be king.  This episode is entitled “King of the Throne”. Due to copyright laws we are not able to post the episode on our website, but if you have the opportunity to watch it, please do!

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